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19 Days
Refuse Fascism SoCal

In a season of giving, there’s just one present we yearn to give to the people of the world and of the United States: liberation from the Trump/Pence fascist regime that is busily cementing its capture of the planet’s biggest nuclear superpower.

Give generously to sustain the #OUTNOW Movement to drive the Trump/Pence regime from power, over these holiday weeks and going forward.   We can’t wait for a holiday miracle...there is no Santa Claus...and he’s not coming to impeach and depose our fascist masters for us.

The force for hope is in OUR ACTIONS: only we, as ordinary people in the U.S. coming together in our broad diversity, can save ourselves and all those worldwide who face being destroyed by the global cancer of a fascist United States of America. Only a true people’s movement of mass, sustained, disruptive, non-violent protest, focused clearly on the baseline problem we confront of a consolidating fascism, can put a halt to “business as usual” and disrupt the immoral complicity of all too many who are hoping that “the trouble passes me and mine over.”

This is what Refuse Fascism has called for, made a cogent case for, and now modeled over the five Saturdays of our #OutNow! launch — a real-world example of exactly the kind of sustained, single-demand campaign we must build nationwide as quickly as possible. This is a precious beginning which has drawn forward new cores and inspired tens of thousands — all this is crucial for the future.

Our ability to put this call, this case and this plan before the thousands and ultimately millions who must take it up as their own — if we’re to achieve the growth it will take to actually remove this regime before it’s too late — depends on the strength of the ongoing reinforcement from our volunteers, donors, and coalition forces. 

Find a donation amount that is meaningful to you. See what one family did in matching $3500 in donations.  This is a powerful way, not just to make your own very real contribution to ending the Trump/Pence regime, but to join a community across this country that is stepping up to do so, and crucially, inspiring others to contribute and spread the love and hope in their own turn.

Sustained protest requires a sustained flow of support — and we’re now looking to do far more than just sustain. The beginning we’ve forged and the attention we’ve garnered are a victory; but that victory can only endure if we have the resources to propel it forward and use our momentum to make a qualitative and quantitative leap for this movement. 

Nothing less can hope to overtake the fascist tide and meet the one imperative goal, on which all other goals depend: actual removal of the Trump/Pence regime now.

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