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Re-Trial of #Freeway9 Starts in September; UCLA5 Pre-trial Motion to Dismiss Upcoming in September!
Support RefuseFascism.org and Revolution Club members who sounded the alarm on the Trump/Pence regime’s role in the consolidation of fascism!

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Hi. We’d like to ask you to contribute funds to Refuse Fascism before the Trump/Pence regime commits more and possibly even greater crimes.  

Your contribution will go toward something urgently needed: nationwide, sustained mass protests to drive out the Trump/Pence regime in the next period.

We need to realize Trump’s ascendance to power is not a “pendulum swing.”Already the Trump/Pence regime has made startling progress in bolting down a fascist society and government.  What if Trump were to win in 2020?  What if he loses, and doesn’t leave?  And if we were to wait, what would be the state of the planet by 2020? 

This is a decades-in-the-making fascist movement that has seized power in the U.S. through the normal workings of this system.  Now in power the Trump/Pence regime is shredding democratic rights, whipping up white-supremacist massacres, openly threatening to murder millions of people in a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East and Central Asia, and more.

It’s not enough to abhor this regime or to insist things will “work out.”  Absent millions protesting in the streets Trump/Pence pose an existential threat to humanity and the planet itself.  A different kind of protest is possible and needed: non-violent, sustained national protests, starting in our thousands, ultimately involving millions, a movement that does not stop until our demand is met:The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!  

Puerto Rico and Hong Kong are current day expressions of the type of protests that need to happen in the U.S.  Funds are needed for everything from rent, phones and wifi, to street posters, flyers, banners, on-line advertising and more.

People have waited on the Mueller report, then the mid-terms, been to large protests and gone home, and isn’t the Democratic Party guilty of collaborating with these fascists, including to fund billions of dollars of their security apparatus at the U.S./Mexico border?

Right now the Democratic Party-connected LA City Attorney Mike Feuer is working with the LAPD (who has been caught illegally spying on Refuse Fascism) to aggressively prosecute 11 Refuse Fascism members after hitting them with 57 criminal charges - for carrying out constitutionally protected speech!

We've attached important articles (herehere, and here) that have appeared in a range of newspapers, incuding the LA Times and The Guardian, about Refuse Fascism and the illegitate criminal charges targeting members of our organization, and the illegal spying carried out by the LAPD aimed at disrupting our organizing efforts to remove the Trump/Pence regime.  Your contribution will help us challenge and defeat this legal attack, in the courts and in our mass campaign to Drop The Charges Against The Freeway 9 and UCLA 5.

What do we tell the immigrant children in cages and the tens of thousands of migrants in forced imprisonment in concentration camps along the border?  The Black and oppressed people of Chicago, as Trump threatens a heightened police-state with occupation by Federal troops.  The women hurled back into a dark-ages misogyny?  The families of those massacred in El Paso and Gilroy, Pittsburg and Charleston because of the color of their skin or the religion they practice?  What do we tell humanity, as this Trump/Pence regime threatens mass murder (just recently of 10 million people in Afghanistan) and all the interconnected eco-systems of this planet (as this regime guts the Endangered Species Act).

It would be unconscionable and irresponsible to wait for 2020.  Please donate now to the only organization that has identified, from day one, this regime as fascist and has a plan and strategy for non-violent, mass, sustained protests of thousands of people, growing to millions, in the very near future, toremove this fascist regime.  Refuse Fascism’s Call to Action is here.

Best, Refuse Fascism So Cal

Editorial:  LAPD spied on anti-Trump activists.  Can we still trust them with drones? 
Editorial Board, LA Times, July 27, 2019.

LAPD informant infiltrated left-wing activists during Trump protests, records show 
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LAPD chief promises public report on use of informant against anti-Trump protesters
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Los Angeles police spied on anti-Trump protesters 
The Guardian Sam Levin in Los Angeles July 19 2019

Major Controversy Erupts Over LAPD Spying on Refuse Fascism
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Pig Spying on Refuse Fascism, LA, Hits the Press 
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LAPD investiga presencia de infiltrado de la policía en grupo opositor a Trump
La Opinion, Jorge Macias, July 23, 2019

Some Observations on the Declared Mistrial of the Freeway 9 Defendants: This Fight Is Not Over! The Stakes Are Great for All Those Who Hate This Regime, and Who Wish for a Better World 
Revcom.us, July 1, 2019

Por protestar en Los Ángeles contra la separación familiar, los acusan de conspiración
La Opinion Jacqueline Garcia June 25, 2019

Alex Hernandez and Chantelle Hershberger go on trial in what they view as a fight against fascism 
Pasadena Weekly Posted by Coco Das, Jul 18, 2019

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