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Re-Trial of #Freeway9 Starts Monday Jul 22
Support RefuseFascism.org and Revolution Club members who sounded the alarm on the Trump/Pence regime’s role in the consolidation of fascism!

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These are defendants facing a range of criminal charges for blocking the 101 Freeway in the Fall of 2017 and for disrupting the fascist Steve Mnuchin at UCLA in the Spring of 2018.  A trial of two ended in June in a mistrial when several jurors refused to convict them.

These actions – for which the defendants are facing years in jail and several thousand dollars in fines – forewarned the world of the existential danger represented by the Trump/Pence fascist regime, responding to a call from Refuse Fascism for a movement of millions to drive this regime from power through mass, sustained, nonviolent protest in the streets.

Your donations will be of immediate use in breaking these trials into the public’s consciousness - new trials are set to start July 22 and in September 2019.  

Donate to help pay for a major event in LA on July 22 at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (funds are needed to pay for the venue), the printing of tens of thousands of flyers (including a new run of Refuse Fascism’s Call to Action + case related flyers) and a series of provocative street posters & publicity, communications and rent.

We urgently need $5000 as these cases go into high gear.  Not long ago too many were content with the "blue wave" and many now are looking for meaningful ways to act - now is your chance to give in ways meaningful for the world’s people.  Break out of the suffocating confines of "politics as usual”!  Give with the interests of the 7 billion people on this planet in mind!  In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept A Fascist America - this is WHY the defendants in these cases did what they did.
In the Face of A Major Victory for the Defendants, the City of LA calls for a retrial
Brave Jurors on the Right Side of History: Where Will You Be?
Some Observations on the Declared Mistrial of the Freeway 9 Defendants: This Fight Is Not Over! The Stakes Are Great for All Those Who Hate This Regime, and Who Wish for a Better World

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