History is calling you! #TrumpPenceMustGo

  • Immigrants and Jewish people murdered repeatedly by white supremacists
  • ICE agents, the American Gestapo, unleash unprecedented terror on immigrants including tearing 700 parents from their children 
  • Concentration camps on the border

How many more will this fascist regime kill, brutalize, torture, separate, imprison indefinitely before we STOP them?

Isn’t it time to call it like it is and act accordingly? This is FASCISM. It must be stopped NOW. Together, we must be the ones to stop it. 2020 is too late!

Give today to RefuseFascism.org 

Your donation is needed to:

* project the demand #TrumpPenceMustGo across the country, on lawn signs in the suburbs, stickers plastered across the campuses, banners dropped on highways, in major newspapers, in social media feeds, and through creative non-violent civil disobedience.

* scale up the national office and nerve center for this movement, to organize and lead our chapters, to reach out to broader forces from all walks of life, and to publish and promote the diverse and incisive voices on our website who penetratingly analyze the danger we face and point to openings, and to ways we can act together to end this nightmare.

The Trump/Pence regime poses a shocking danger to lives here and around the world – and to the planet itself – and therefore history is calling you. Answer the call today by donating to support the fight to change the future for billions around the globe by driving out the fascist Trump/Pence regime.

A truly sustained, mass non-violent political protest could create a political crisis in which sections of those now in power, who are themselves under attack by this regime while also conciliating with it, could be compelled to act to remove this regime from power.

This IS possible, but it can only happen with your involvement and support!




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