Our $50,000 goal by Friday July 31 is almost achieved.  Thanks to two donors have pledged to match the next $600 in donations, we plan to surpass that goal.

Thank you Jodie Sweetin for donating to this drive, and asking others to donate:
"I won’t allow a police state or military war on the people. I’m not waiting for an election that may not come & that Trump won’t respect. I’m in the streets now demanding #TrumpPenceOutNow! What about you? Join me in giving to @RefuseFascism"

Will you accept a fascist America? Will you stand aside hoping that politics as usual will remove a regime that is subverting elections and using the military to crush dissent? Or will you join us in the streets and stay in the streets to demand Trump Pence Out Now?

Your donation of any amount will help get tens of thousands of stickers, posters, and flyers into peoples hands, and promote protests through ads on social media.

Trump/Pence #OutNow Protest at Gates of Trump's KKKampaign Rally 

America is at a serious crossroads. A fierce struggle for the future is underway.

Trump is campaigning on openly celebrating and defending the Confederacy, with a clear message that he will unleash the violence of the police and military and his heavily armed MAGA shock troops against the movement for Black Lives.

At this crossroads, what will you do? Will you continue to accept a fascist America? Will you listen to those who urge waiting until November for an election that may not come, or working within the normal channels that are being shredded by a regime that sees this as their last chance to consolidate power. Or will you seize on our power in the streets and raise the demand Trump/Pence Out Now?  Dangerous regimes all over the world are driven out by the people in sustained, non-violent protest demanding the removal of the regime and refusing to go home until their demand is met.

To stop an American fascism that threatens the very future of humanity and the planet, the necessary demand is Trump Pence Out Now! This is a moment to seize. Let us change the course of history, not for ourselves alone but for all humanity.

NYC march to Trump Tower July 2020



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