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Feb 15 Update: Thank you to all who have given to the campaign thus far! We made our matching goal and reached our $100,000 benchmark thanks to you. In the past week, in donations from $5 to $1,000 people stood up to bring the ousting of the Trump/Pence regime closer to reality. The $100,000 has made possible an organizing tour [see report], continued operation of a buzzing national organizing center in NYC, and  mobilization of protests. Join in fundraising and donating to reach the full $250,000 by March 15. Say NO to the cruel and brutal future of the Trump/Pence Regime and YES to the power of the people together waging sustained, non-violent protest to end this nightmare. Every donation of $25 or more receives a NO! beanie and extra stickers to spread the message.

In the name of humanity: Refuse To Accept A Fascist America

Donate to, the only movement organizing to drive the Trump/Pence Regime from power.

This regime is a fascist regime. If we allow it stay in power it will mean catastrophe for humanity and the planet. 

The regime calls immigrants "criminals" and "lazy," unjustly arresting, detaining and deporting them, raiding homes and workplaces, ripping apart families and spreading fear. Trump is threatening, and planning for, the use of nuclear weapons, and accused Democratic members of Congress of treason - a crime punishable by death - for not applauding him.

In the name of humanity, support is needed now for an organization with a plan to drive this regime power through the only means that can do this: Millions of people from diverse perspectives non-violently taking to the streets in SUSTAINED protest, creating a political crisis that causes those in power to respond our demand.

There is a growing urgency and possibility for this movement now. And it is the only realistic way to bring this entire program to a halt. 

Your donation is needed immediately to help reach the organizations & clergy that need to be on board; lawyers to defend the movement; youth and students to be in the streets day after day in non-violent civil disobedience, and people of prominence who have the capacity to reach millions more. 

You will fund symbols of resistance to be distributed to millions of people around the country, such as "Trump Pence Must Go" lawn-signs across the country and ads on social media directed at people who don't know such a movement exists.

More funds means deeper & wider resistance now, building up the strength to drive this regime from power. Give today for the future of humanity and the planet. 

Rain, shine, sleet or snow - Trump and Pence MUST GO!

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