Matching Funds Challenge! 

All donations through Sunday December 17 at Midnight Eastern Time will be matched by a generous donor, up to $10,000!

At a time when the fascist Trump/Pence regime threatens the future of humanity, your donation to Refuse Fascism makes it possible to change history. 

Watch this video, and donate generously to fund the only movement with a plan to drive out this regime before it consolidates fascism and continues its destruction across the planet. 

We mean it when we say we will move heaven and earth to wake up and mobilize the millions who can drive this regime from power through sustained, nonviolent political protest. All of us together can end this nightmare. 

We must not understate how much it matters for millions of people in this country to take a stand to stop this regime in the name of all humanity. Show your courage and conviction by becoming a supporter today. 

Your gift amplifies this message – with ads on social media, outreach to students and youth, stickers, banners, posters and other print materials – drawing forward thousands and soon millions more people into this great cause.

Your gift enables our National Office to function – knitting together the efforts of chapters and organizers in dozens of cities and providing real-time leadership, organizing resources, and experience in a complex and fast-changing political terrain. Committed people are the most important and dynamic factor of this movement, and marshaling this requires a national nerve center.

Your gift means that we can continue to send teams to national flash points – like when we went to Charlottesville to protest the white supremacists and fascists, sent dozens of volunteers to DC to mobilize protests in the weeks leading to Trump’s inauguration, or sent an organizing tour through the Deep South and to the U.S./Mexican border to involve people nationwide in driving out this Regime.

Your gift helps keep secure, especially important as we are repeatedly targeted by fascists seeking to interfere with our ability to reach millions. We refuse to let them stop us!

Your gift enables us to spread the NO! and other critical materials. Millions feel it viscerally: this nightmare must end. The NO! symbol has become a unifying force and message on the streets and online. Printing is one of the movement’s biggest expenses.

Your gift joins you with thousands of others around this country fighting to win.

If the Trump/Pence Regime is not driven from power, it will continue to launch new highly repressive measures, eventually clamping down on all resistance and remaking the law. Only the people taking to the streets in mass, nonviolent, sustained political mobilization can stop this nightmare.

Rain, shine, sleet or snow - Trump and Pence MUST GO!

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