Beginning Saturday, November 4, we will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power. 

This is harder and it is riskier than other “solutions,” but the truth is, it is much more the only realistic way of stopping this nightmare.

Your financial support now can help broadcast this message to the world through intensive advertising, especially on social media. The image of NO! should be visible everywhere, across every campus. Signs and banners, stages and sound, electricity and security, sanitation and mobile kitchens, tents, and more—in cities and towns will mean that crowds can stay in the street day after day, night after night.

What makes driving them out possible is the very extremity of the Trump/Pence Regime. Every day that the Trump / Pence regime remains in power, humanity and the planet are in danger. This Regime IS fascist, it IS hell-bent on hammering in place a nightmare, it will not relent, and all this flies in the face of and insults what millions and millions of people deeply feel is moral, decent, legitimate, and the way society and the world really ought to be.  Because of all this, there are millions who can be forged into a political force that can STOP this regime, that can DRIVE IT FROM POWER.

Our reservoir of power is the people who are being targeted, and the many people who cannot stand aside and let this happen.  It is people who have been in the streets and it is millions more who have still not taken this step.  It is students who are just now coming of age and it is the 60’s generation waking up once again.  It is the scientists and religious leaders and local officials and neighborhood book clubs.  It is the ones who want to surge to the front lines and it is those who want to open their churches and provide water and food.  It is people from every walk of life standing together, starting November 4th and growing every day after that, to say: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!  In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.

Give like the future is on the line — because it is.

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